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We understand you’re concerned about getting citizenship and residence in another country and we realize this can be a daunting task, but with us at Passport on Tap the solutions come easier and quicker! Here at Passport on Tap we provide citizenship and residence services for various countries, ensuring you understand the process and make know mistakes.

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To achieve excellent solutions and create value for clients, we have a team of experts at Passport on Tap that helps you apply creativity, intelligence and worldwide knowledge. Get in touch with the team today!


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Passport on Tap has been active in the field for a couple of years now, providing not only the best solutions but also the knowledge that one may need for citizenship based on investment in a foreign country. We know the process like no one else, have completed the research required, and have the resources ready that will help you throughout the process.

Legal Immigration Success

People who are not nationals of a country but want to keep their residency statuses in good standing must take legal immigration as one of the necessary and required steps. So use Passport on Tap to help you maintain the security of your permanent residency. Since 2000, Passport on Tap has had a 97 percent success record with legal immigration. Therefore, you don't need to be concerned about that.

Required Documents Support

From your passport to the paperwork in every category, you must have them, while we are aware that sometimes it can be confusing for students or other individuals to know which document to present at what moment if you are a new person. You can take help from passport on tap to manage all this.


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